The Successful Landlord

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One Family's Success Story

Michael and Linda are a couple living in Rochdale MA who have resided in the same house for the past 5 years with their two children and an extended family, including Linda’s mom and his niece.  Michael is the main financial supporter of the family, while Linda holds a seasonal job.  They lived in a very affordable three- bedroom apartment for $575.00.  The owner of the property had neglected to maintain the house and chose to sell the property.

Since the house was in need of repairs, Michael and his family were evicted by the new owners.  They were sent to the Housing Counseling Program by the court for guidance throughout the eviction process.  Michael and his family were given a move out date and they contacted many landlords in Worcester and surrounding towns in an attempt to find a place to live. They expected the process would be a little easier, but could not find a landlord that would rent for under $1,000 per month.  Most landlords wanted first months rent, last months rent and security deposit, meaning that they would need approximately $3,000 to move in.  They could afford the apartment for $1,000 and did not owe the present landlord any money, but did not have the money required to move in. CMHA determined that they would be eligible for the RAFT Program (Residential Assistance for Families in Transition), and helped them with the application process, the documentation, and talked to the landlord about the RAFT program and how it worked.

With moving day fast approaching, Michael and his family needed to ask housing court for more time.  They went to court well-prepared and showed documentation of the extensive housing search they had done and a Tenant at Will Agreement showing that they had secured an apartment  in Spencer, Ma., through the help of CMHA and the RAFT program. The assistance with First and Last months rent and Security showed that they would be able to move in a week, once the new the apartment was ready.  The court and landlord agreed to let them stay one more week.  One week later, Michael and his family moved into their new apartment in Spencer.


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