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The Village is an innovative program, which takes a strength-based approach in working with families to achieve financial and residential stability. The program offers extensive services to assist families in moving toward self sufficiency which include:

bulletComprehensive planning and training in career assessment and goals with the desired outcome of job placement for all heads of household.
bullet Parenting assessment and goals with weekly parenting groups and individual parenting support services as needed. Referrals to child care, Early Intervention, Head Start are made to community agencies.
bullet Housing assessment and goals with extensive subsidized and non-subsidized housing search with the desired outcome of permanent housing within nine months. Referrals for homeownership classes, credit repair and financial fitness are available.
bullet Mental health and substance abuse counseling are available on site or by referral to community agencies.
bullet Transportation for housing and employment related activities.
bullet ESL classes are held on site.
bullet Parents are assisted in completing their GED and accessing employment training courses. An onsite Resource Room for Resume Preparation and Job search for Parents and Homework help for children.


The Village is staffed 24 hours a day. Staff includes: a full time director, family life advocates, a housing specialist , an employment specialist, a child resource coordinator/education liaison and maintenance and housekeeping staff.


WALK photography by Joe Santa Maria - Kill the Ball Media