The Successful Landlord

The Successful Landlord is an invaluable handbook for landlords in Massachusetts. For a $44.00 tax deductible donation we will mail you the handbook today!

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How many rents can a Landlord ask for?

A Landlord can ask for first month’s rent, last month’s rent, security deposit and a key deposit

What is a 14 Day Notice? 

Tenant at Will: This notice terminates the tenancy for non-payment of rent. If the tenant is being evicted for non-payment of rent, the tenant may avoid the eviction by paying the rent due within 10 days business days of receiving the notice.

What is a 30 Day Notice?

Tenant At Will: This notice terminates the tenancy for any reason other then non-payment of rent, the tenant must be given written 30 days notice, or one full rental period in advance, whichever is longer.

How much can a Landlord increase rent?

A rental increase may be any amount that the landlord wishes to charge. Tenants at will may face a rent increase at any time, as long as a proper notice of at least one full rental period is received.

Can a landlord evict in the winter?

A landlord can bring an eviction against a tenant at any time, during any season. The important thing to remember is that the landlord must follow certain procedures before he or she can evict a tenant

My landlord is selling the building. Do I have to move out?

If you have a lease: Some courts in Massachusetts have found that the sale of a building does not end a lease before its expiration date. The law, however, is not clear.

If you do not have a lease: The tenancy will continue until the landlord gives the tenant a written 30-day notice to quit that tells the tenant that he or she is ending the tenancy.

If I am not a legal immigrant, will a public housing authority or subsidized owner report me to Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (BCIS) if I apply?

State Housing: Anyone is eligible for state housing programs, regardless of immigration status. In addition, Massachusetts changed its state law in the 1990's to remove any reporting requirement for state-assisted benefits.

Federal Housing: For federal housing programs, you are eligible for housing as long as at least one member of the family is a citizen or person who has "eligible non-citizen" status. "Eligible non-citizen" includes people who are legal permanent residents or who have obtained refugee or asylum status, but does not necessarily include everyone who has work authorization.


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