Elder Home Repair & Maintenance
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Elder Home Repair has served Worcester and the surrounding towns since 1976. Since then we have provided many hundreds of senior homeowners with low cost, emergency home repairs.

What is Elder Home Repair?

Elder Home Repair is a unique program targeting the special needs of fixed and often low-income elder homeowners. We support the age network concept of AGING IN PLACE by helping assure a physically safe and healthful home.

Specifically, the program corrects unsafe housing conditions (while contained at a manageable scale), which if left unattended, threaten the immediate health and safety of elders at home as well as the structural integrity of their homes. Charges are for materials only; there is no fee for labor.

Our staff includes a CERTIFIED AGING IN PLACE SPECIALIST and CERTIFIED GRADUATE BUILDER, designations awarded by the National Association of Home Builders. All staff are agency insured.

Primary funding for Elder Home Repair is provided by the Central Massachusetts Agency on Aging. Additional program support is received from Saint Gobain, Elder Services of Worcester, and the City of Worcester Division of Elder Affairs.

What is Elder Home Maintenance?

Elder Home Maintenance Services are available to City of Worcester Elder Homeowners and are made possible through the City of Worcester Office of Elder Affairs. The program enhances the mission of Elder Home Repair through assisting senior homeowners with routine maintenance such as snow removal, gutter cleaning, grasscutting and light routine maintenance chores. The program prioritizes cases based on urgency of need and does not supplant existing family or other support networks.


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