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Family Services

What services are offered to FAMILIES through the HAP program?

  • Assessment of what is causing the housing difficulty and the development of an intensive plan to rectify the situation
  • Referral to any services or resources that might benefit the family
  • Credit and CORI check and repair
  • Assistance in applying to all available subsidized housing
  • Education of landlord and tenant rights and responsibilities
  • Assistance with conflict resolution
  • Mediation between landlord and tenant
  • Budgeting assistance and the development of a savings plan
  • Review of past housing difficulties and education to prevent a recurring situation
  • Representation and advocacy in housing search

Landlord Services

The CMHA HAP program works extensively with local realtors, landlords, housing authorities, and housing development agencies in an attempt to increase the number of available units for our families. This is done through outreach and education about the services offered through the HAP Program. The following is an explanation provided to landlords as to how the program benefits them in an attempt to address their concerns as well as make it more attractive for them to rent to our families:

  • We have thorough knowledge of the housing and credit history of all of the tenants we work with
  • Any issues that may have arisen with past tenancies are addressed and tenant education is provided on effective conflict resolution
  • Intensive follow-up is available, if needed, to ensure that a tenancy is successful
  • Most of our tenants have a rental subsidy so that housing is affordable for them regardless of what the full rent is. This provides assurance that the rent, and therefore your mortgage, will be paid
  • We work closely with local housing authorities and can assist you in understanding how rental subsidies work and can help to facilitate the process of leasing up a tenant

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