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The HAP program is a regional program servicing Central Massachusetts and is funded through a grant from the Department of Transitional Assistance. There are HAP offices in Fitchburg, Southbridge and Worcester. As all referrals to the HAP program must go through the local Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA) office, there are Case Managers working out of each of these three DTA offices. Case Managers at these locations complete an assessment on each family referred and develop a plan with the family for how they will either be able to stabilize in their housing or find alternative housing.

All families referred to HAP must be low income and must be eligible for Emergency Assistance through the local DTA office. The local offices determine if a family is income eligible for HAP services and will then make the referral directly to the program. The HAP program is also responsible for providing housing search services to the DTA funded family emergency shelters (Youville House, Shepherd's Place, Friendly House).


Family SizeOld Qualifying Standard
100% of the Federal Poverty Line
New Qualifying Standard
130% of the Federal Poverty Line
1 person$739$960
2 people$995$1,294
3 people$1,252$1,628
4 people$1,509$1,961
5 people$1,765$2,295
6 people$2,279$2,962


WALK photography by Joe Santa Maria - Kill the Ball Media