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Donations of any size make a difference and are greatly appreciated!

  • $1,000 stabilizes a family in their housing
  • $500 assists a senior homeowner to remain living independently
  • $200 provides a family to move from shelter to housing with essentials
  • $100 provides 2 weeks of food and toiletries to a homeless family
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In today's tight housing market, finding an apartment is a challenge for all segments of the population. For the lowest income, however, this challenge is the greatest. Property sales, high rents, fire, medical emergencies, and personal or financial difficulties are some of the reasons that families might find themselves homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

What We Do

CMHA's Housing Assistance Program (HAP) provides homelessness prevention, housing stabilization services, and housing search assistance to low-income families.

How We Do It

The Housing Assistance Program works with local landlords, Realtors, and Housing Developers to try to increase the number of available units for this population. Trained staff work with prospective tenants on understanding the rights and responsibilities of being a tenant, and provide assistance in mediating any issues related to a family's tenancy.


WALK photography by Joe Santa Maria - Kill the Ball Media