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How to Help

There are both community partnership and individual volunteer opportunities to work with POWER.

Community Partnerships
  • Representatives from corporate and non-profit organizations can speak at POWER sessions to share skills and professional experience. Skill development needs range and include topics such as: computer literacy, academic tutoring, professional communication skills, resume building and interview skills
  • One-to-one mentorship with program participants
  • Internship placements to increase participant’s exposure to professional settings and expand participants’ networking opportunities
  • Providing opportunities for entry-level positions within organizations, if applicable Monetary sponsorship of participating families in the form of camperships, extracurricular activities, school supplies, educational scholarships, etc.

Volunteer Opportunities

There are many opportunities for individuals to offer their skills and time to enrich the lives of POWER participants. Whether it is a one-time informational session, a training seminar, or a weekly commitment, any skills that you have that may prepare participants for the workplace or higher education is invaluable. Please contact POWER staff to discuss potential opportunities for you to get involved!


WALK photography by Joe Santa Maria - Kill the Ball Media