Youth Against Homelessness
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About Youth Against Homelessness

Youth Against Homelessness (YAH) is a dynamic organization that creates an environment in which all members have an opportunity to make a positive change in their community. YAH was started by the Central Massachusetts Housing Alliance in an effort to get youth involved in solving one of the biggest issues facing our community. Our mission is to bring awareness to the community about family homelessness.

Our organization focuses on education, advocacy, and community service. Each YAH chapter creates their own unique agenda that integrates all three components. We advocate in the community about family homelessness and work diligently to dispel the homeless stereotype. We volunteer in shelters by hosting special events, painting murals, and facilitating craft projects for the children. YAH also coordinates clothing drives, fundraising events, and collaborates with many local community groups to make a bigger impact.

Through dedication and education YAH hopes to stop the spread of homelessness in Worcester.

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WALK photography by Joe Santa Maria - Kill the Ball Media